Reasons For Couples To Go Swinging

There are many reasons couples choose to swing. Some choose to start swinging for extra excitement, and others realize that monogamy isn’t for them and choose to deal with this by consensual swinging. Here are some reasons many people consider a swinging lifestyle.


Exploring bisexuality is a common fantasy for everyone. Both men and women think about this. Some people choose to explore this aspect, and exploring it with other couples is a great way to do this. Find other couples that are open and interested, and just see where things go.

Exploring Fetishes

Another common reason to start swinging is to explore different fetishes. Maybe some people want to experience a dom/sub relationship to see what it’s about, and others just may want to see their partner with someone else. A swingers couple can easily help you discover things about yourself you may not already know you enjoy.

Keeping It Fresh

For many couples the idea of never being with another person can be suffocating. For those couples swinging provides a safe opportunity to keep their relationship open without worrying about the committed relationship falling apart.

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