Give Your Date A Night To Remember – Dating and Singles Tips

Putting a little bit of thought in to a date can be the difference between getting another phone call or never seeing that person again. Even if it’s not your first date, you should put some planning in to the date if you really like that person. If you don’t care enough to put thought in to it, you shouldn’t be dating. Here are a few simple tips to help you plan an evening that will not be forgotten.

First Date Advice

A first date should leave a good impression, but shouldn’t be overdone. You don’t want to create an illusion. Choosing a quiet place is also helpful so you can talk comfortably. A quaint restaurant with a plan for a nice walk after dinner is perfect.

Second And Beyond

After the initial connection is made, you can put more creativity in to your date plans. By now you should know enough about the person to come up with some  ideas. If they are in to sports, take them on a play date. Tennis courts can be found open at many public parks late in to the evening. The same is true for basketball courts. Bowling, horseback riding, and hiking are other great ideas that an athletic date will enjoy.

Another great idea is to take in the local festivities. If it’s near Christmas, take a ride in a horse drawn carriage and enjoy the lights. Autumn is the perfect time for a hayride. Cold evenings can be wrapped up with hot cocoa by a fire.

Regardless if it’s your first or you 101st date, a little bit of planning can make it very memorable.

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